Posted: January 27, 2005 in Uncategorized

I’m all excited! For the first time since the Spinning class fiasco, I am getting Mr Criz to the gym tonight – no more excuses, I won’t put up with it!

And I’ve ordered from the local box scheme. First delivery on 11th Feb. I don’t know what size the boxes are, so I’ve ordered a small one, to see what size they are, extra mushrooms and onions, milk and eggs, and a fruit bag. I’m assuming the bananas are not locally grown!

They do weekly and fortnightly deliveries, but it will be so nice to get proper fresh veg, and I suspect it’s cheaper than the supermarkets (the eggs are!)

Everyone has buggered off to the pub, so now’s my chance to get some work done while I’m not being ‘watched’

I’m convinced he’s watching me, you know, and reporting back to the boss.

I have to ring people up, and I hate ringing them up when someone’s listening in….

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