Things I’m having trouble ‘getting’ today

Posted: January 29, 2005 in Uncategorized

Why do I have to wait a week for an appointment at the Family Planning Clinic, yet under 24s can just drop in whatever time they like on a Saturday?
What on earth would happen if I was unfortunate enough to need the morning after pill?

Why have Tesco put all their faddy lo-carb shite at the end of the bread aisle? Isn’t that a bit cruel? Ditto for Boots putting their ‘Shapers’ sarnies next to the ‘Delicious’ cakes. (Funny though!)

A bit like Boots putting pregnancy tests next to condoms on the shelf!

Why the world goes to Tesco on a Saturday afternoon. It is open 24 hours, you know. I will remember NEVER to run out of eggs before a weekend again!

Apart from that, Mr Criz STILL wants to detox, so we shall be cutting out anything remotely yummy for the month of February. However, my idea of a detox still includes dairy, wheat and meat because I’ve got some coming on the 9th. I think it’s a ‘no processed shite’ type of thing.


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