Scary healthiness

Posted: February 1, 2005 in Uncategorized

Last night I did intervals – legging it up the road as fast as I could, till I couldn’t run any more then walking til I could actually breathe again. It was very tiring. THen I did weights, did shopping, watched Dalziel and Pascoe – which was bloody depressing, I hope the rest of the series is a bit better, and that Wieldy comes back!- and slobbed.

Day 1 of the Scary Detox. Thankfully, nothing to do with Carol Vorderman this time – it’s just a ‘no processed muck’ detox. Mr Criz eats too many pasties and burgers.

Had toast for brekkie (not that processed because it’s all organic and I make the bread myself)

Have spelt with Quorn(the chicken was still frozen this morning!), onions, peppers, mushrooms and corn with spices, and an apple for pud. Also have an organic cereal bar for pre gym energy. Was horrified to find that of all the cereal bars I picked up yesterday, only 3 didn’t have the first ingredient as ‘glucose syrup’……

Bought lots of root veg so I can make a yummy parsnip/carrot/swede/potato soup for tomorrow.

We are having one day off the crap for Valentines Day.

Pancakes are not processed, in my eyes…..


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