Is it wrong….

Posted: February 7, 2005 in Uncategorized

to be looking forward to an appointment at the Family Planning Clinic? Especially as the woman on the phone was a bit abrupt.

I’m just happy to be doing something about it.

Next thing is the dentist. I need work done, and I can’t afford it,and NO WAY am I going to an NHS dentist after the last couple of times *shudder* (not that I can get one anyway)

I am eating humous and carrot sticks. The houmous tastes odd, I’m hoping it’s just because it’s been out of the fridge all day. If it tastes like this normally (it’s very salty) you can forget it.

Have an avocado to try too – all the things I’m convinced I’ve despised for years – ‘m trying them again to see if my tastes have changed. This is after I realised courgettes and olives weren’t the food of the devil after all (though I don’t actually choose to eat olives, I just won’t retch if there are any in my food. I might even eat them.)

I bought a tin of lentils too. And chickpeas.

I draw the line at liver though – I just can’t. Or beetroot. THough I ate pate a few months ago and didn’t heave. This is a good sign (but then I do like faggots and haggis – American viewers these are UK specialities involving various types of offal and spices and are actually quite yummy, in a way that black pudding isn’t) It’s just liver on it’s own I can’t deal with. Memories of overcooked, dry powdery yuck.

I am rambling a bit today.

But I will be running later. I am pathetic, I never get to run any further. 3 miles, that’s all! But no, 2.6 every time. Bah.


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