Yay! Er….not.

Posted: February 8, 2005 in Uncategorized

I went to the FPC, got pills, was told if I’d put on any more weight, I would have been at too high a risk for DVT and I wouldn’t have got them! Thank YOU Depo for ruining my health.

Speaking of health, after last nights run, I fear I have a touch of the Cobbles.
(That really was too funny with the makeover show ‘I LOVE it!’ piss take scene)

Scary how the monged out woman in the Granny looks just like me when I’m driving home from work….

Speaking of which, I twatted my car this morning. Into the car opposite in the garage. I now have a cracked light cluster. I think the other car has a scuffed bumper, so I should be OK.

Just to add to the day’s joy, I was late for an appointment today, and got accosted by a Jehovahs Witness. A scary one with pale frosted pink lipstick with a fuschia lipline (eurgh). She obviously spotted the pentagram 😉

Bought a pack of lime green hair, but it’s not that exciting. I now have lime and emerald green and neon yellow. Claire, do you have a few bits of green spare? Will be mixing them with black this time. I haven’t had black for ages….

Ouch, I think I’ve knackered my tooth, oh bugger that’s really sensitive. Off to the dentist for me. Arse, the car needs taxing, too!

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