My cars hate me.

Posted: February 9, 2005 in Uncategorized

Oh yes. I have been coping wth the rattly exhaust for a few weeks (because Mr Criz will fix it), and I could even cope wth twatting it yesterday (because I’ve got a new lens to replace the cracked one), but I could not cope with having to fork out 50 pissing quid!

Heard large crack yesterday (like my day wasn’t bad enough), and thought ‘oh bollocks, there goes the windscreen’. I didn’t see a crack, but I saw a couple of small chips on the passenger side so I left it.

After a particularly bumpy journey to and from Berkhamsted today, I notice a massive crack in the screen. It started off going straight up, which is fine, but it’s veered off to the right, in my direction, so I can’t use it tomorrow. Of course, Autoglass (who have headquarters TWO MILES AWAY can’t fix it today, and I’m out tomorrow, so I may have to drive the Crapi. THis is bad because;

Last time I drove it (4 years ago) I misjudged the width of it and hit a bollard

It has no wing mirrors

It is very wide

And long

It has blacked out windows

And a sodding great spoiler on the boot, so you can’t see out of the back

Oh arse.

The MOT on the Golf ran out last month, so I can’t even use that!


3 pissing cars, and they’re all unsuitable.

Oh yes, I can’t see out of the Capri, the seats are too low.

I might ring the RAC, they do windscreens…..


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