Fun fun fun

Posted: February 11, 2005 in Uncategorized

Busy day today. I am ‘working at home’, and I’ve got my work done in record time! I always concentrate better at home, even with the telly on (t’internet is in another room).

Nice Autoglass man came and fixed the windscreen – shows up how utterly filthy the rest of the car is now!

Just received my organic veg box – looking yummy – there is still soil all over the spuds and carrots so that’s a good sign, and the eggs still have feathers on them! The milk is not homogenised, so Mr Criz will complain about the cream, but I’m convinced it’s better for us that way (and it’s easier than having a hissy fit in Sainsbury’s when they’ve run out of Rachel’s!)
Fruit bag contains oranges apples and bananas. All organic, but apparently grown in Spain, and sent by road. Fair enough, it’s in the EU after all, and we can’t grow bananas here, or oranges.

The veg man said it had gone mad in Bedford, but we’ve never had a box scheme before, so it’s understandable!

Off to a Thai restaurant tonight. Debating whether to go to the gym or not first. I should, I really should, and stop being so pissing lazy! Just worried – last time I had to get a new windscreen, I blew my car up a week later!

I have dreadful skin. Really bumpy forehead. Waiting on some evil scrubby stuff from Avon. Failing that, I’ll dig out the Brazened Honey from the back of the fridge. I suspect Skins Shangri La of causing it, because it is heavy on my skin. I suspect cocoa butter is the culprit because all my pores are blocked and my skin is greasy. Looks like it’s back to Origins for me!

Mr Criz still wants to do detox. Food Doctor it is then, but not for a couple of weeks…


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