Food and gyms (for a change!)

Posted: February 12, 2005 in Uncategorized

Yummy for organic cayenne chocolate!

The carrots from the veg box were remarkably sweet but tasty

Mr Criz has agreed to give people a lift to Luton tonight and can’t be arsed to go. Neither can I, but I never agreed in the first place. Last night was expensive enough. Thai food is nice, but my red snapper curry was VERY rich, and I only managed half – too much butter and coconut milk!

Might go to the Fitness First open day tomorrow, take a look at the enemy. Curious how the promise of free DVD rental and free tea and coffee has swayed a lot of people (if changing room gossip is anything to go by!). I’m looking at equipment. So, the pool is bigger – fine. The cardio equipment is better quality – OK. There is no jacuzzi – the one at LA makes me cough anyway. The free weights area is half the size. It apparently has as much equipment and an extra cable station, so that’s what will sway it for me – of course, it has to be cheaper too.

Hair is still a funny crap colour.


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