My creativity is returning!

Posted: February 14, 2005 in Uncategorized

did very well yesterday. I asked him to pick up some cat food yesterday, and he came back with cat food, a whole pound of Milk Tray and a single red rode – awwww.

Then I was a prat and got all upset about the rose. Because it’s going to die. I love flowers, but they always die. I must have sounded completely ungrateful, but I have no idea how to preserve flowers.

Went to the new Fitness First with Susie yesterday. It was pants.Good points – the cardio equipment – particularly the rowers, the showers and the pool. THe fact you are pretty much guaranteed to get a space. And a BOSU.

The bad – the gym is completely open plan, you have to walk through it to get to the changing rooms. The free weights area is the size of my living room, and the notches on the (single) squat rack are set in the wrong place. The machines I tried (free weight leg press, seated leg press, adductor and abductor) were impossible to use because my legs are too short. Even Susie, at around 5′ 4″ had trouble. The weights were odd. On the seated leg press at LA Fitness, I use 110kg, yet on this one I had to do 75kg. On the adductor and abductor machines, I do 35kg, yet I was doing 85kg on these! I suspect they were wrongly labelled, and were actually pounds! There weren’t may weight machines at all, and there just wasn’t much equipment and NO room to do free weights!

The pool was bigger, but there was a window to the outside, which we found out later, isn’t mirrired, so any member of the public walking from the car park to the cinema can see you wandering around in your swimming cossie. Not good. I didn’t even break into a sweat in the sauna, and there was no way of making it hotter, no coals or anything, though the steam room was fine.

We’re going tonight, because we have free passes, but i’ll be staying at LA Fitness, for sure!

After the gym we talked about customising clothes. As a consequence, I WILL learn to use my machine, and I wil start by buying something from a charity shop and customising it.

I am still a disgusting fat lard. Only 21 days before I can go back on the pill.


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