Gragh. Fat related whinge #636534

Posted: February 18, 2005 in Uncategorized

I am a complete bloater. No, really. I am sick of this. I am starting look pregnant. I have a huge belly and my handles are creeping up my ribs. This is not good. I hate this poxy injection, and two days of getting my kit off for total strangers hasn’t helped.

Course was a laugh though, sometimes it can be a drag, and the hotel food had improved, though I was convinced I’d come home with scurvy due to the lack of vegetables!

First night i ordered smoked haddock fishcakes. They were servedwith a few spinach leaves and…potatoes! The fishcakes are made of fish and potatoes, so it was a complete starch-fest. Lunch next day was pork or tuna with couscous or…potatoes! No veg. Glad I had all those mushrooms at breakfast! Gah.

Stole a load of Opal Fruits from the student classroom, and was surprised to find no yellow ones! They reckon they don’t do yellow ones any more – I could swear they did, the purple ones are rank.

Getting another vegbox today – looking forward to it! I must be mad getting excited about a veg delivery, but I was actually craving them the other night! I am a sad bastard.


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