More clothing joy

Posted: February 23, 2005 in Uncategorized

I am fat, fat fat *whine*

Had a play with the PVC Susie won off Ebay – it is suprisingly easy to sew, but as we have NO experience, we are scared to death of using it. Now is a good time to learn about dressmaking patterns.

And I must go to the gym tonight, migraine or not. Must find the aspirin…. In fact exercise often gets rid of it. Problem is this ankle – it still hurts when I run, I don’t get it and it’s pissing me off.

Still reading Fat Land, I am getting more and more disgusted by big corporations, and the power they hold over governments and scientists. Argh.

Went to Oxfam yesterday and found Body Chic – it’s about starting bodybuilding, and it’s written for women, by an ex champion UK bodybuiler – Carolyn something. She competed alongside Cory Everson in the early 80s, and the book was written in 1984. What’s scary is that most of the nutritional advice stands up even now (though she advocates quite high carb intake), except the bit about only eating 3 eggs a week. Apparently the cholesterol in them is assimilated as fat. But apart from that……
And I know it’s a long time ago, and women are much bigger now (muscle-wise), but I’d love a figure like that (not going to happen – she’s tall and slim, and I’m short and dumpy).

And Spike has a lovely new hobby. Commonly known as ‘pulling books off the shelf to get attention’. At 3am. I think he’s trying to tell me something. THe ones he pulled off were ‘Carol Vordermans Detox recipes’, ‘Carol Vordermans Summer Detox’, and ‘Nanny Oggs Cookbook’


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