Posted: February 25, 2005 in Uncategorized

Motley Crue tickets arrived this morning! Woohoo!

Really really need to order Whitby tickets.

Also have to tax the Nova and SORN the Golf. Gah.

Must eat more veg. More arriving today.

May be going to the farmer’s market tomorrow with goth_urchin who has a new nephew as of this morning – awww. Must. Have. Meat. I have done really well, resisting the nasty plastic supermarket intensively farmed ‘watered down’ shite.

Will be getting fruit too. We ran out 2 days ago, I am desperate.

All kicking off at work – people from other offices bullying the management, who in turn are bullying the admin staff to do loads of pointless and complicated work. In retaliation, we are giving them plenty of work to do, so they don’t have time to do this other bully womans work. Ha! Anarchy in the Civil Service!
She’s only doing it so she can work from here instead of travelling further to work. Biyatch.

Good point is that now I can give the monotonous boring crap to the admin staff who will be more than happy to do it!


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