Funny thing happened this morning…..

Posted: March 3, 2005 in Uncategorized

First of all, Happy Birthday to nonnymus, and my mum. Hope it’s a good ‘un (and I hope my mum doesn’t read this LJ!)

When I looked in the mirror this morning, I didn’t hate myself. I didn’t look like a blob of lard (though I know the tape measure doesn’t lie, and I’m still a heifer), my hair appears to be lighter, and more of an auburny golden blonde than dark burgundy, and my skin is less bumpy and spotty. Hurrah!

And only 4 days till I start taking the pills, and my bones stop dissolving! Wonder if I’ll lose any flab by Whitby?

Also decided to do the Race For Life on 8th May at MK, and to go to the Fitness Expo the following weekend. Should be a laugh.

Decided, because we have run out of eggs, I would eat some of Mr Criz’s instant oaty Ready Brek stuff – honey flavour. It smells lovely, but I can’t stand oats – they taste fine, but porridge is gloopy and slimy and gluey so I forced myself. It doesn’t taste as good as it smells, but it’s not dreadful, and if you add enough milk it’s OK, but it was still hard going. I’m so proud, I didn’t gag once!

Problem is, I’m bloody starving already! Just had nuts and apple, and now I’m on to a home made rock cake (because Mr Criz has already eaten most of them!). Bit sweet for me, will use less sugar next time.


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