More money, slipping through fingers

Posted: March 7, 2005 in Uncategorized

£145 to shunt the evil cats off to a cattery for 10 days while we’re having fun at Whitby! Ouch. After the last time, when they wrecked the house, we thought it would be better to send them off to a cattery. It has outdoor runs, and the cats have never been outdoors, so if they get on with it. I’ll have them chipped so they can go out.

Going to inspect it on Saturday. Should be fun. If anyone has any reviews of Sealawn Cattery in Clophill, I’d be much obliged…..

Just need someone to look after the rats (and get loads of food sticks and a holiday feeder for the fish).

I’ve not had a great appetite the last two or three days. It’s too much to hope the Depo is wearing off so quickly, but it would be nice. When I measured myself yesterday, I saw that I had 41″ hips. 41″!!!!!! Bigger, in fact than my boobs, which isn’t usually the case, they’re normally the same.
Just call me Thunderthighs…..

Patterns scare me. Had a flick through the latest copy of Burda in town. There’s a piece on how to alter patterns if you have muscular thighs. Must buy it. I’m hardly dressmaking queen, but it will come in handy. Even when they’re not fat, my thighs are pretty hefty. All that cycling as a kid (and the squats)… Can’t quite crack walnuts yet, but I’m working on it 😉

Except I am sore and feeble. Did a BodyPump class yesterday. Ow. In the gym, I chuck around big weights. For example, I use 14 or 16kg dumbbells for chest press. Yesterday, I had 5kg on the barbell, and it HURT. 8kg for squats where I normally do 40kg, and my legs were jelly. Me thinks I need to do more endurance work. Strength is all well and good but there was the skinniest thing next to me doing twice the weight (and herein lies the problem – I go to BodyPump about 3 times a year, she probably goes twice a week). My weights workout will now be – weights twice a week in the gym – upper and lower body, then a BodyPump class once a week.

Tonight, however, I am being weighed and measured by Amanda – let’s hope her measurements match mine! Then there will be running. Whoopie-do. Reminds me I need to register for that 5K…..


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