A bit more rantage

Posted: March 11, 2005 in Uncategorized

In lovely red, because it’s Comic Relief Day. Though I forgot, so I don’t have the lovely hair in the picture to match. Speaking of which…..

Got a phone call last night, 10pm. Mr Criz wasn’t in, so he rang back when he got in, about 1030. Bear in mind he’d just been over that side of town, and I hadn’t seen him all night, or the night before, because he was collecting a car.
Her daughter wanted to do something silly to her hair for school, and wanted to know if we have any red hair dye (yes) and any red hair (yes, but it was expensive, so she was only getting a bit). Decided the hair dye wasn’t a good idea, because sometimes it doesn’t wash out, but it ended up with poor Mr Criz driving over the other side of town with a packet of red dreads and some elastic bands at 1130pm. So bloody selfish. And she has someone coming  to view the house on Sunday, she wants help clearing the garden, the loft and generally tidying up. He’s told her he’s working tomorrow. I would have just told her I actually wanted to see my girlfriend at some point this week, but then I’m a bitch.

Went to the gym last night, and did another BodyPump class. It wasn’t too bad this time, though I did Pilates afterwards. Was all fine until  got home, and my vision was a bit odd – like when you’ve been dazzled by a bright light. It got worse and a bit tunnel vision-y, and it all went wobbly at the edges, like when you are about to faint. It got better after a bit, but I suspect I overdid it a bit at the gym. But then I have plenty to lose. There was a snotty cow looked right down her nose at me last night. She was doing much more weight than me, and was yet again, tiny. OK, so endurance, I am bad, but get upstairs and do the fucking weights I do, and we’ll soon see what happens! Cow.

The government is pissing me off. Some sanctimonious twat this morning says they WILL have the legislation by this evening, even though the Lords have voted against three times. Of course, they will just push it through no matter what, like they did with the hunting bill. They will do whatever they damn well like. They want to get rid of the Lords, and they claim it’s because they are not elected. No, it’s because they want free reign. The new terror bill has scary similarities to parts of the US Patriot Act, and that’s a complete infringement of an awful lot of human rights. OK, so the Lords are not elected, and the government is, BUT we elect the government on the strength of what they say they are going to do. They usually do something completely different, and they will make sure the law cannot be repealed easily. Bastards, the lot of them. The House of Lords is a safeguard, in a way. I don’t care if they’re not ‘normal’ people. A lot of ‘normal’ people treat The Sun as a bible, and we don’t want right wing bigoted twats making our laws (oh sorry, we already do…..).

Erm, OK, that was a bit strong, but it pisses me off.

And as for the snobby wankers who are up in arms over a fish and chip van – get a fucking life! Better than being a drug dealer, right? But no, it’s not the fish and chip van that’s the problem, it’s the ‘gypsies and council house people’ it attracts. Stuck up bastards. Fuck off and get a grip. Cun-diddley-unts.

As I mentioned, I went to the gym yesterday, and saw myself in mirrors. Oh dear.

And the marvellous news – Vain are re-releasing their first album (on CD – my LP is absolutely scratched to fuck), and playing in the UK in May – oh YES! Velvet Revolver, Motley Crue AND Vain in one year! Tempted by Bang Tango/Enuff z’Nuff/Pretty Boy Floyd too, as I missed Bang Tango last time. Also tempted to go to Download, as Velvet Revolver, Black Sabbath and Billy Idol (he has a new album out too) are playing. Rumour has it the Crue will be there too – oh yes. My hair will be longer then too, so out comes the hairspray and spandex leggings. I have bangles and scarves somewhere too….


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