Hairdressing? Don’t give up the day job….

Posted: March 12, 2005 in Uncategorized

Had visitors last night. Pike and Susie came round because her roots were getting a bit excessive, and we have a (crap) shower. It’s a long time since I’ve dyed her hair, and it needed doing black at the back and bleached at the front.

Hmm. The black was fine, though trying not to get dye on a shaved head is interesting. The bleach, as ever was an arse. I don’t know what is with Directions, but she used the same PIllarbox Red shade that still hasn’t washed out of my hair completely (since October, and it was virgin hair!), and it would not bleach out! Managed to mix up a nice shade of purple to cover the bleached bit instead.

Then she said she wanted a fringe. Urk. I’d cut some fake hair to see what it looked like, and it looked good, but I am NOT a hairdresser. I can just about do dye, shave sides and do braids and stuff, but scissors? And I couldn’t find my hair scissors. Hence Susie got a fringe cut with embroidery scissors. It wasn’t as pointy as she wanted, but I thought it looked good (better, in fact than an effort a professional hairdresser made when I wanted the same thing), but I wasn’t doing pointy without hair scissors!

Was traumatic though – I’ll stick with dreads and dye from now on.

Today I was supposed to go to the gym for Run no.3 (I’m supposed to do 3 a week), but I’m feeling lethargic. Possibly something to do with the fish and chips we had last night (the fish was quite greasy, and has probably made me a bit sluggish). Must go tomorrow.

Visited the posh cattery where Spike and Angel will be staying while we’re at Whitby. WOnder how they’ll get on?


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