Of cars and liberation

Posted: March 15, 2005 in Uncategorized

People often say that owners take on characteristics of animals. I’m convinced the same can be said of cars.
My car is looking a bit of a wreck. It has a rattly exhaust, a cracked rear light, a dent in the bumper (which WASN’T me!), and a wing mirror held on with electrical tape (partly me). I’m driving a Vauxhall Nova, which most people know as either a tossy boy racer car (the SRi version), or a shopping car (the 1.2 and saloon versions). As it happens, I have an SR, somewhere between the two, so I get the best of both worlds.
It seems I spendmost of my time speeding, and generally driving like a tosser (though I do indicate, stop at red lights, crossings and junctions), and the rest hitting things like a typical blonde woman driver in a small car. In the last month I have reversed into a car in the garage, cracking my rear light, and yesterday, I tried to squeeze between a van and a car on my road, and clipped the wing mirror. It was already broken (held on with mastic), so just broke clean off. It is now heldin place with electrical tape which actually looks better than the sealant. And I seem to have lost the ability to park, something I was quite good at before.

I need a proper car. I never twatted anything in the Golf, or the Escort (apart from a rabbit – oops!)

It is surprising how liberating it can be to have less choice. FOr example, washing liquid/powder/cleaning stuff. There’s LOADS of it, and you are never sure whether to get biological, colour, powder, liquid, capsules, etc. So I decided to be ecological. Easy. They only sell Ecover, so the decision is made! No faffing about for hours in the supermarket. Same can be said of meat. They have no organic chicken? Then I won’t have any, then. Easy. Stopping eating hydrogenated fats is harder, though after reding the labels, you have a fair idea. Nice to see McVities have stopped using it in their biscuits recently, as have a few chocolate companies. Makes life at the supermarket so much easier. With the box scheme, I get what I get. Must admit to buying the odd bit of exotic fruit or extra apples from Sainsbury’s, but it’s still easier. The Watchers who check what we buy must be really confused – my shopping has gone right down to cleaning stuff, loo roll, cheese, mackerel and cat food!

And finally the good news. My weight has stopped going up, and I had actually lost half a pound. I know that’s tiny and frankly, I can lose that after a good dump, but it’s a sign I’m heading the right way. Now to write a new weights programme…..


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