Posted: March 16, 2005 in Uncategorized

Noticed my hair is looking more normal now. By the time the dye has washed out, I will be dyeing it green. Joy.

Have lovely spiffy new phone that does too many things, but is black and shiny and nothing to do with Phones Fuck You.

Have to do a run tonight. I am not looking forward to this because I am unfit and weak, and my face goes fuschia pink, and people look concerned.

Must start on dread making because I haven’t.

Must do some work because I can’t drum up enough motivation even though end of year review is near.

Some git has brought cake into the office.

Might have a laugh at the Budget stuff later, see how much I’m going to get stuffed this time. Wonder how many more of us he’ll sack? Bastards.

And how good are the staff at the Post Office? This good;

Me: So what happened to your automatic parcel weighing machine?
Him: It’s still there, in the corner
Me: It isn’t, that’s a photo booth
Him: Oh, wonder what happened to that then. *confers with colleague*
Colleague: It was overcharging by weighing goods heavier than we were here, so they took it away
Me: Ah.

Nice that he’d noticed, eh.

In the queue for the till was ChavGoth(TM) Really. Imagine, the facelift hairdo complete with bad highlights, covered by a baseball cap, gold creole earrings, leather trenchcoat over a hoodie (with the hood showing), loads of silver rings but also a gold sovereign ring, tracky bottoms and New Rocks. Very odd. Talk about split personality!
Saying that, we actually know one. After she changed over to silver jewellery, we did tell her Argos sell silver clowns, in case she felt the urge…..


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