Posted: March 17, 2005 in Uncategorized

I am utterly poverty stricken.

I have no cash, so am about to go into town to;

look for a job

buy some decent paper to print out my CV (bloody government issue recycled grey crap)

Then I will send CV to Lusk MK and Cambridge (because they have different managers now, so don’t know me – hahahahaha!)

Only one supermarket had jobs in the hours I could do – and they had run out of forms! Well done, Sainsbury’s!

Bugger. Wish me luck.

This is a lot to do with Snotty Git from Northern Rock wha said I didn’t need to make reduced payments, I should just cancel my gym membership, mobile phone, internet etc.

Cancel the gym. No. I will get fat, die of heart disease and you will get NO money from me at all.

Give up my mobile. Work took ours from us because they cost too much. I am female, and do a lot of driving alone, and visiting big comapnies alone, stay away from home on courses etc etc. Suzy Lamplugh? Remember her? I’ll keep it, thanks.

Internet. Needed for when I work from home. I also live with someone. It’s really not fair to make them suffer because of me, is it? I don’t lead an extravagant lifestyle, and I’ve worked out that downgrading the internet to a slower connection and getting rid of the extra TV channels will save us £23 a month. Whoopie-do. Not the £200 that scrote quoted us. My mobile isn’t the cheapest tariff, but I can’t change it for 6 months, and then I’ll still be saving £8-10 per month (which will probably be made up with texts over my limit!)

And, Mr Bugs Bunny speech impediment (he said ‘nyyyyeee’ before EVERYTHING), my home phone bill is NOT HIGH. Last month, the calls came to £6.58, and that was high! It’s normally about £4. Tosser. Because, believe it or not, a mobile is cheaper, and more convenient.

Ah yes, and he told me they’d allow £240 per YEAR for dental treatment, as my estimate was too high. If my dentist charges £95 for a filling, so be it, I am NOT ever going back to that NHS cowboy who caused me to need all the fillings in the first place. £240 will just about cover check ups and hygienist visits (but he doesn’t have to know I only need it once a year….)

He was truly, a patronising shit. Give up my gym membership indeed! He’ll be telling me I can save money by eating less next……


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