Kit Kats are evil.

Posted: March 18, 2005 in Uncategorized

After the orange and mint chocolate ones, came the yoghurt coated ones (bleurgh and sickly) and the Caramac (yum) and Caramel and Orange Editions (yum yum), not to mention the Blood Orange and Pineapple versions.

So Mr Criz tells me they now do a Red Berries one (not bad, a bit sweet), which I’ve just eaten, and bugger me, they had Mango and Passion fruit too!

Any other flavour Kit Kats I should know about?

Still like the Orange Edition best though.

Not just Kit Kats. After eating mint Rolos inGermany (like Mintola, really), and the Irish Cream ones here (sickly), I saw some Orange ones in a garage the other day. Are they good? I am a sucker for orange chocolate stuff.


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