All gone poo again

Posted: March 29, 2005 in Uncategorized

Whinge whinge whingey whine.

We are skint. Absolutely brassic. Pulling my finger out, I can get my debts paid in 6 years. Whitby and other things would be a tight squeeze though. Actually, everything woud be a tight squeeze (except my clothes, because we are almost too poor to eat well – I suppose that’s some consolation!)

Credit cards are evil, kids. Don’t do it!

Knackered my hip at Spinning last week, after having to do that because my calf hurt when I ran. So now I can’t run OR cycle (or do leg weights properly), until I’ve seen the osteopath. Which I can’t afford. Hmmm….

Started on the green cord jacket yesterday. Just need to do complicated bits like sleeves and facing. Seems to fit, but I haven’t finished yet!
Got muy grandmas old machine from a friends’ garage. It is ancient! Sadly, it’s missing the treadle and power plug. We’re hoping it’s in our loft but if not, does anyone do replacements for ancient machines (I’d say it’s a 50s machine, but I could be completely wrong)

Need to work, but I’m feeling tired and miserable today. Maybe my discons will arrive today. 9 tubs of Whitewash – woooo! (I may be skint, but I ain’t selling them for ANYONE!)

Off to gym with Susie tonight, so no time to make more dreads. Must sort out time properly, I never seem to have time for anything!


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