Good things that happened today…

Posted: March 30, 2005 in Uncategorized

…because I WILL stop being a whining bitch.

My boss told me I wrote really god reports, and he was impressed by them.

A Lush parcel has arrived at Mr Criz’s workplace. Worried it sounds small, because I made 2 orders, they said they would pack them together, but it apparently weighs 15kg, and either way, it will contain Whitewash!

My calf isn’t so painful today. Might manage a jog.

My hair is actually starting to look long as opposed to ‘straggly mid length’, and the coloured bit is ‘a bit ginger’ instead of pinky burgundy. The blonde dominates! (until I do it black for Whitby)

Speaking of Whitby, how many of you are going? Maybe I will not be a shy pathetic gimp this year and;

a) turn up for the forum meet. I got the tag last year, then chickened out, even though I knew 2 people in there.

b) speak to people I don’t know. LJ has taught me that people are not what they seem, and even the most self confident, happy cheerful goths are horribly insecure and self doubting underneath. Makes me feel a bit more confident, knowing they are not actually that likely to tell me to ‘fuck off, reject’ if I say hello.

My weight is still the same. I’m not ecstatic, but a month without gain I can deal with. Now is the time to start eating healthily in earnest (I have slipped a bit!), and hopefully I will have dropped a stone or so by October Whitby.


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