Just for Simon….

Posted: April 9, 2005 in Uncategorized

I’ve been told off for writing miserable posts. I’m not as bad as I sound, I just tend to use this to rant on, still…

Today I am feeling optimistic. The plan is to go into town, get a new phone, buy a small buckle (which, believe me, will be bloody difficult!), then come back, where
will do music, and eventually go to the Coven in Luton, and I will try
to make clothes and more dreads, ah the preparations of Whitby!

Last night, we spent a pleasant evening (and half the morning!) in the company of friends. , Jax, , ,
and a lovely couple whose names I can’t remember for the life of me
(slap my wrists) were there, and we discussed all sorts of lovely
things (and I got told off for being miserable)

Got home about 3.30 am, and sat down to eat some taost, and there was a
dreadful programme on Men and Motors (aren’t they all?) called UK
Uncovered or something. Basically, it was TV presenters panning a
camera around townie nightclubs showing girls getting their tits out
and also camera shots up their skirts, and you saw EVERYTHING. Not
pleasant. Call me a prude if you must, but I was actually shocked. Not
at the slappers getting their baps out, but at the blatant
exploitation. One of the presenters bullied one girl into doing it,
even though she didn’t want to because her boyfriend was about and
wouldn’t approve. Sure that’s tantamount to sexual assault. But by far
the worst were the ‘games’. A couple were told they had to change
clothes blindfolded, and they would be in a black bin liner. As soon as
the blindfold was on, they changed it for a clear one, so everyone
could see them getting their kit off. Nice. Of course, if you complain,
you’re seen as a prude.
Question we had was; Why? What is the mentality of these people? When
you compare it to Whitby, where, granted a lot of women wear some VERY
revealing outfits, and the odd boob falls out of a corset, but it is
nothing like that! Very odd. I’ll stick to Whitby.
The big surprise of the night though, was the camera showing ‘munters’
in the clubs. One shot showed a middle aged woman grinning at the
camera. Took me a couple of seconds before realising, ‘Oh my god, that’s Marie’s mum!
My friend Marie, who was my best mate all through school, and I haven’t
seen her for 15 years, and there was her mum, getting trollied in a
club in Loughborough looking no different than she ever has. Good on
her, I say.

Oh dear, it kind of degenerated into a rant. I must think happy thoughts. I am happy, I’m eating an Easter egg.


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