Duh, thicko alert

Posted: April 14, 2005 in Uncategorized

I am a spanner. It’s official.

I backcombed a load of dreads the other night, but when I tried to steam them earlier, they just weren’t having it. The black was even worse than the green. Was convinced I was doing something wrong, but the red ones turned out OK.

I was just lucky.

Fuckwit here backcombed the dreads alright, but THAT’S IT. No twisting, re backcombing, nothing. Have just spent last couple of hours watching Not Another Teen Movie (funny as hell) and redoing the sodding dreads. Will have to steam them tomorrow now, AND do the others, because they’re a bit loose.


And I still have to alter the PVC skirt, and make more stuff, wash clothes blah blah blah buggrit.

And I have a sick Mr Criz. What’s the betting I get whatever he has the day before Whitby?


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