Well, I WAS in a good mood

Posted: April 18, 2005 in Uncategorized

Until Northern Rock rang.

Had another row with them. The woman wasn’t as rude as Bugs Bunny, but wanted proof of my mortgage and gym membership. My fucking mortgage is with Northern Rock, but no, they can’t check that. And apparently people put stuff on they don’t pay for. I wrote to them 2 weeks ago – thay claim to have no record, so I read the letter out to her. She calmed down a bit after that. Think it was mention of the CCCS.

She did admit they didn’t expect me to sit without a telly, phone or internet for five years, but I ‘can’t carry on the way I have’ because yeah, I have SUCH a fucking extravagant lifestyle. They even questioned whether I could get a cheaper car. My car cost me £150 – you really don’t get much cheaper than that. Stupid cow.

It has now got to the point where I am making my own clothes, making dreads, bartering with friends (feed me nice Thai food, and I’ll dye your hair), and buying certain goods from the Economy range at the supermarket (Except cheese – I will NEVER be that poor!)

And Whitby is a budget effort this year – £200 to last the week. Will be taking a crate of baked beans. Would be happier if I didn’t have to pay for the cattery, but the little bastards wrecked the place last time, and I’d rather not deal with that. Might calm them down a bit, too.

Speaking of Whitby – so much to do today! Have to decide what to take (whatever fits, I fear), wash the stuff that needs washing, pack it and sort my makeup. Find the crimpers, cameras and assorted chargers, take the cats to the cattery, have a bath because I ming like nothing on earth, wash the gym kit, and do my nails.

Bought an acrylic kit – I am a disaster with false nails because they never fit and I break them off. I’m hoping these stay a bit better. Should be a laugh by all accounts. Bought a jumbo bottle of acetone rich evil economy nail varnish remover to soak them off if it all goes tits up.

If I have time, will try to make something out of the green satin I have, to go with my ludicrous green hair. It’s not as nice as the red (it seems a bit velcro-y) but it’s LOUD, and it makes a change to have black hair. Need to take in the (ropey as hell) top I made yesterday – it’s a bit baggy around the back.

Off to Whitby tomorrow morning, so all of you on here – how will I recognise you? I might go to the WGW forum meet – I still have last years tag somewhere (even though I chickened out of going)


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