More giggage

Posted: April 28, 2005 in Uncategorized

Went out to Cambridge last night, to see a few bands. After the cost and ticket fiasco at Whitby, it was nice to go and see four bands for £4.

Even managed to drag Pike and Susie out.

Didn’t see All Gone Dead, because we were too busy eating chips outside. They looked pretty though.

Voices of Masada were as they are usually. To my untrained ear, it all sounded a bit Rosetta Stone, but I was too busy talking to pay much attention.

Rome Burns were good as ever, Shame Nevla couldn’t be there, but Stoo did a damn fine job, just a shame they couldn’t play Blue Boy.

Devilish Presley were fun, though the sound wasn’t as good as Whitby, the pub IS the size of my living room. I think they should play Esquires as part of a bigger bill. That would piss Pete off. Esquires may be shite, but it has a good PA.

Was also nice to catch up with people we haven’t seen for years, like Kristian, Nik and Stoo. Makes me feel all old and nostalgic for those times BC (before cyber)

I should go to the gym today, I am a sluggish fat blob.

I should also tidy up and wash clothes, my motivation is nil.


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