Post holiday navel gazing

Posted: May 3, 2005 in Uncategorized

Well, motivation all fired up, ready and waiting do do something at last!

I had the usual Whitby clothes trauma. Nothing fits. I look fat. I am ugly. So why the fuck don’t I do something about it. I’ve ben off the Evil for 8 weeks, I have no excuse for staying fat. A post on showed me what is possible, though I don’t think I’ll acheive anything that wonderful. The whole concept of throwing away egg yolks is anathaema to me. Eggs cost money, you know! And I hate oatmeal. Oh dear.

Anyhow, now is the time to stop making excuses. From today, I will be cleaning up my diet. I’ve given myself till the end of the month to clean it up properly (you didn’t think I’d just throw the bacon away, surely?), and start seeing results.

So from now on, it goes like this –
During the week, et more protein, and moderate carbs
Eat more carbs at the weekend, to ensure performance doesn’t suffer and fat loss doesn’t plateau
Eat more processed food (by that I mean protein shakes if I can’t get it in food form for any reason)
Cutting way down on the cheese!
Drink loads more water (considering the heat in this office, I can’t see that will be too difficult!)
Do the whole 80:20 thing – eat clean 80% of the time, leaving me a couple of treats a week to stop me going mad.
Today, I have made a vegetable, bean and TVP curry, because all my meat is frozen. Organisation is the key here, I think!
As for weights – I will stop faffing around, and do a proper routine. Starting with a 3 day split – Chest/shoulders/triceps, back/biceps/abs and legs. Cardio on the days inbetween.

Will post tomorrow and let you know how it went. Takng Susie to the gym tonight, so may not all go as planned. She wants to ‘tone’ and lose fat.

Ultimate goals?

To lose around 25lbs of fat, and get back into size 10 clothes (as I have four boxes of them in the loft). Try not to lose too much of my boobs while I’m doing it 😉 and increase my fitness. Hope a large proportion of that cellulite goes with it.

Would be really happy to do unassisted pullups.

I think I’d look really good with a 26″ waist :p

Time to go into town – this office is like a sauna. I could sweat the weight off, in here. but then I’d shrivel like a prune.


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