Posted: May 6, 2005 in Uncategorized



So the Joker has got back in, and my working life is going to be an utter misery for the next four years. We will have more stupid targets, more powers will be taken from us, we will stop being enforcers and administrators, and will BECOME penpushers and bureaucrats, thus giving the government an excuse to get rid of us. We will get pointless and expensive ID cards, we will lose even more rights and freedoms, it’s disgusting.

And the bit he doesn’t quite understand?

36% voted for him. That means 64% of the people who voted DID NOT want him back. The majority don’t want you, Mr Bliar, but you will still do whatever the hell you like, in the name of ‘democracy’, even though we don’t want you there, and you are not taking the majority vote into account.

It could have been worse though – the Conservatives could have won.

Oh, and good luck to Susie – she’s having her driving test today.


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