Good night, bad morning

Posted: May 8, 2005 in Uncategorized

Last night, we went to the Corporation in Sheffield to see our chums Rome Burns play their fist gig as a (permanent) four-piece.
I decided to drive,on the grounds that then I wouldn’t have to drive back, and has The Fear of a certain huge roundabout in the city centre.
I’ve never driven in Sheffield. I scrawled down some directions, and as
we were setting off, looked at our very dog-eared atlas to check which
junction to get off the M1. Disturbingly, the atlas bore absolutely NO
resemblance to the map on Hmmm.
All went well, I even negotiated the Roundabout From Hell by only
cutting one person up, and I decided we were looking for a ‘big, oval
roundabout’. Unfortunately, by this point, the afternoon sun was
blinding me, there was a car right up my bumper and a bus in the right
hand lane, so I had to go straight on. Took ages to find somewhere to
turn and come back.
Got there 5 minutes before the band came on, so that was good.
Was odd seeing them as a four piece, but
done good, though there was definitely an aura of rabbits and
headlights for the first song! (I think I scared her later when she
found out what an old crumbly I am!)
The sound was rockier too.
After the gig, gossiped to Claire, Adelle and Giselle. Was nice to see
Shaun and Claire there, but then Sheffield is more their territory than
ours, we are just mad.
Listened to Deviants set, but it wasn’t really my thing. Was advised
there would be football hooligans around tonight, so to watch out for
the car. Oh dear.
Jax showed us around the rest of the club, which reminded me of a cross
between Rock City and Slimelight. Rock City because it had the three
rooms, Slimelight because it was a knackered old warehouse with no
frills and potholes in the concrete floor.
The upstairs was nu-metal from what I could hear, but downstairs…….


Cock Rock. It was marvellous! Rivalled the Asylum last week, oh yes!
There were bandanas, cowboy boots, studded belts and wristbands,
scarves hanging from belt loops, tight leather jeans, big hair, perms
the lot! We danced to Poison, Guns ‘n’ Roses, NIN, Thunder, Little
Angels, Rage Against The Machine, Alice Cooper, AC/DC and a couple of
others. will be gutted he didn’t join us.

We are definitely going there again. Can’t help thinking that night is
probably much better than Batfink, which was on the night before.

drove home, and all was well until the car started chugging (a bit like
the Golf when the carb iced up), though it only did it when we got to
90mph. Got it home alright, but the coughing is a mystery – I suspect
some dirt got in the carb and hasn’t been blown out yet.
At some point near Milton Keynes I got a headache – very similar to the
one I got at the gym, but less severe. Symptoms very similar but odd.

And I didn’t have the excuse of overexertion this time.

The pain started near my left eye, and spread over the temple and eye
down to the jaw, where I got pain in my back teeth and the back of the
left side of my tongue. The pain was like a burning pain, and my head
felt sore and warm to the touch, I even got a watery eye. And I got the
sweats. And again, the pain was gone in around 20 minutes. I was so
worried I almost had a panic attack, and I haven’t had one of those for
years. We decided in the end not to go to the out of hours doctor on
the grounds it was kicking out time on a Sunday morning, and Casualty
would be full of pissed up tossers yakking all over A&E.
Looking at the internet this morning, the symptoms most match those of
cluster headaches, which happen 1-4 times a day, every day for a few
weeks, then stop for months, then start again etc, The only diffference
is, they are described as excruciating. They weren’t that, but they
were scary. Don’t fancy those for another 3 months!

Will take it easy today. has gone to Braintree to watch a roller hockey match, I will stay in and read and maybe clean up the bathroom.


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