Weight lifted

Posted: May 12, 2005 in Uncategorized

Spoke to nice lady at CCCS, and providing I don’t get any more loans/credit/overdrafts, and the bankks freeze the interest and charges, I will be debt free in 3.5 years! Hurrah!

Doesn’t leave me much left over though. Another skint Whitby, methinks, and there will be economy food beforehand, but it’s still a load off my mind. I now have to open a new, overdraft free bank account. I hate banks.

I just pay the CCCS every month, annd they divide it between the creditors. Joy! Hopefully the banks will accept. It’s up to them if they think I’m overspending, but no little flags came up on my current budget (due to lovely lady putting some of my gym membership towards ‘hairdressing’)

Feel all motivated for the gym later, where I will take it all out on the machines and celebrate afterwards with something not so healthy.


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