Lists lists lists.

Posted: May 16, 2005 in Uncategorized

Feeling vaguely motivated today, so will do a bit of spring cleaning and finally organise my work properly.

Lots of lists to write then, and lots of paper to shred.

Let’s hope the niggly headache holds off. I love it when I have a purpose.

Running tonight – looks like my last one, due to cash constraints. I have £50 stashed for the meet at the weekend. I know £50 won’t buy much, but I at least need Big lipstick and a nice eyeshadow, or new perfume if it’s a good one. Failing that, I will be stocking up on every green thing Lush has left!

Redid my hair yesterday with a less pink shade of red. It’s still burgungy, but definitely more red. It’s alarmingly curly, too!

I’m sure Isaw something on the TV this morning about a parent up in arms about her child being offered the morning after pill at school. Anyone know where it came from?

And shouldn’t the mother ensure the child gets decent sex education in the first place? Or would she rather the child get pregnant?


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