Pretty things…

Posted: May 16, 2005 in Uncategorized

I made a skirt earlier, in green cord to go with my jacket, and I took the jacket in. The skirt, rather impressively, doesn’t make me look fat, though it’s an inch or so shorter than I would have liked. Ho hum.

All made the lazy way, no interfacing, no waistband beccause I can’t be arsed.

May wear it to my visit tomorrow as a trial run for Sunday. I want to wear green on Sunday as a protest against Mr Constantine discontinuing all the green stuff. I will spray myself (relatively) liberally with Assassin too (not too much, because I can’t afford any more!)

Organised a bit of work today, and even my boss was nice to me. Interesting, considering his footie team was relegated (so were mine, but I was expecting it, and at least we didn’t lose to the horror of Man *spit* United) Also had a lovely enlightening chat in the office about homophobia, transvestites, transexuals and why middle aged men are scared of it all (I was in the office with three middle aged men)


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