Because I’m lazy

Posted: May 19, 2005 in Uncategorized

I will answer this on here, because I’m to lazy to do the meme.

People are on my friends list for all sorts of reasons – some of you I know in real life, others have added me from various forums. Others still have appeared randomly, no idea how they found me. Occasionally, I will friend someone, someone I have found through someone elses f-list or interests.

All in all though, I enjoy reading everyones entries (even if I don’t always reply) because I am a NOSEY COW. And it’s always nice to know I’m normal, and other people have the same problems as me/can offer support/aren’t as perfect as they seem. And also that it’s sometimes easier to offload when there are people willing to support you who you don’t see every day. Sometimes a different perspective is required.


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