Big review and stuff.

Posted: May 23, 2005 in Uncategorized

Saturday night, we were due to go to a barbecue/birthday party. We were al bit late getting there, so all the food was cold, hence no tea for me! Was very pleasant though, even if Criz got a bit upset with Sahun ( he said he’d follow us to the A1 in case he got tired. He didn’t which meant I had to drive the long way home which was a bit crap too)

All of which meant I woke up on Sunday feeling really queasy, and couldn’t even manage my toast! Had a lovely GREEN bath, tarted meself up a bit, and set off for London.

So, the meet. Due to trains actually being on time (possible, now Messlink have left St Pancras) I got to Covent Garden at around 11. Mooched around for a while, looking at stuff on the market, and strolled into Lush at 11.45. Was given a demonstration of the new goodies by the staff, who were still chilled at that point (it got far, far worse!), and all was fun. Stupidly, I didn’t buy the stuff then. Wrong!

Went outside, and stepped out into a crowd of people. Said hello to Squid, hopefully didn’t make a prat of myself, and secretly hopes her MIL hates her pink streaked hair (which looked rather spiffing, I might add). I did speak to quite a few people actually, but will try not to embarrass myself by forgetting people.

We went off into B, and it was cavernous. Really. Every time you went through to the next chamber, there seemed to be another. And it is fantastic! The other B had limited appeal to me, because it had a make up range, and limited ranges devoted to each perfume. Not this. Oh no. There is MORE of everything – shower gels for each fragrance, additions to all the lines, repackaging etc. I overheard Big saying he had tried to make it more man-friendly – well it was. THe Dirty range had really fun packaging – the shampoo was in ketchup type bottles, and the body spray was in a Mr Muscle type spray bottle. The Ladyboy range has added CTG extras – Lemon Jelly, Raspmatazz soap, and King Coconut haircare. All the ranges had been expanded, some conteined toothpaste, others had soaps, bath bombs etc, but the thing that caught my eye was the Africa range.

THere, sitting right in the middle, was Sandbar soap. Mr Criz has been going on about how much he loved it, so I bought one. The range also includes sun cream, mosquito repellent and lip balm. The other new range was full of CTG products – I wanted it all, and it contains pretty much everything you need – cleanser, moisturiser, shampoos, conditioners, phytofoam, foot and hand creams……

Had a good look around, bought stuff, and went off to pay. Met Hannybunny at the till, who apologised for calling me short at the last meet. Confused, because I AM short. I must admit though, I was walking around, thinking everyone was much shorter than I expected, apart from Gok, who is a giant.

Went into the Chaos of Lush, bought what I needed, then realised I had lost my lens cap in B. Never did find it 😦

Must admit, I was starving by this point (2pm), so I sneaked away and went home.

So, to the products. I’ve tried some of them, in the shower this morning, but the rest are still first impressions.

And I can’t remember the name of the shampoo. Bugger. It;s the B sea salt volume one. Anyhow, it lathered up wonderfully, and left my hair feeling really light. I follwed it with the super conditioner that smells of mud and seaweed (because that’s what it is!). I was expecting this to really weigh my hair down, but my hair is still light and curly, and hasn’t gone flat yet!

I also used my Skinny Dip butter, and it’s marvellous! A little goes a long way, and it’s like washing yourself with cream in the shower. It doesn’t lather much, but I love it!

Followed up with Skin Sin, which has made my skin really soft – it’s more moisturising than Potion, though the scent is very subtle on me. I think I quite like this one. I bought a medium sized bottle, so I can give it a fair trial.

Put my make up on this morning, including Blessed, which is a gold and green glitter eyeshadow, and looks fab, and Big lipcream, which looks red in the pot, but is actually more pink, with a gold shimmer. Normally, I look like cack in pink, but I think this actually suits me, and the shimmer makes my lips look much better and fuller. It stays on well, too!

I also bought Lemslip, which smells fabulous, and I really think this will be really refreshing on hot days. I got almond butter as my freebie, and it smells good – quite warm and citrussy. For my jelly, I got Spank Me With A Sapling, whivh is also citrussy but green too. Not sure how well I will get on with jelly, I suspect freezing it will be a good idea.
Also got True Grit, which smells lovely and earthy. Looking forward to a good scrub with this after working on the car!
Schnuggle smells great, also looking forward to using this!

Things I wish I’d bought includes Smaragadine (but I couldn’t afford it), Lemon Jelly, King of Coconut shampoo and conditioner (Ditto), and Binky concealer. Would really liked to have tried the other butters too, but I can wait!

Anyhow, it was a good day, and I spoke to lots of people, but not nearly as many as I should have (or would have liked to)

Mr Criz was absoluely blown away with his Sandbar. I gave it him, all wrapped up. He took one sniff, and a big grin appeared. He spent the rest of the evening sniffing it and saying, ‘I haven’t had one of these since I was 16 – I thought I’d never see it again!’ Safe to say he was impressed. Looking forward to taking him there in the future.

Everyone looked fabulous, there was an awful ot of red hair on display too!

Spent a while wishing I had size 7 feet so I could have worn Purplevickies shoes, but then realised I would then be unable to buy Goth Tarts boots.

And Hilary had rather lovely flowers.


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