Getting all nostalgic….

Posted: May 26, 2005 in Uncategorized

….for 80s metal.

Years ago, I was dead chuffed to find a Disneyland After Dark album at a car boot sale in Croydon. Listening to it recently, I thought, ‘I’m sure they did more albums’, and when we went to the Asylum, in Notts, the DJ played Bad Craziness, which isn’t on my album.

Last night Mr Criz was downloading stuff,and we did a search for D-A-D (as a certain US company threatened to sue them over the name), and came up with a couple more albums, one of which was listed as 2005. In fact, it was released in Scandinavia 3 days ago. Woohoo! Finding their website, they have actually done 8 or 9 albums and are touring. Sadly, only in Scandinavia. Bugger.

So, we’ve downloaded a selection, to see if I like the new stuff. This will probably be followed up with a visit to HMV and a huge import list…..

While trying to concentrate on work, I watched the Food Police programme about unfit chicken this morning. If I was ever thinking of weakening, and straying from locally produced organic because I can’t afford it, I’m not now. Yeuchhhhh. Slightly damaged meat suitable for petfood I can just about cope with, after all, my cats have never got ill, but diseased, rotten and cancerous meat, no. Bleurgh.

And it was all processed and cut in Northampton/Milton Keynes. Nice and local then.

Meanwhile, back to work……


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