Successful day so far

Posted: May 28, 2005 in Uncategorized

Went to Ampthill this morning for 3 reasons –

The Farmers Market
The new goth shop
The supplement shop

Bought unhealthy and healthy goodies from the market – proper dry cured smoked bacon, home made Lincolnshire sausages, lamb and pork burgers, smoked buffalo cheese and a free rangge chicken. My chicken cravings should cease about this time tomorrow 🙂

Went to the new goth clothing shop, which is tiny, and doesn’t have a lot in yet, but the owner is very accomodating. They specialise in made to order alternative wedding dresses, and will also make clothes to measure, or alter stuff that doesn’t fit. Grabbed a load of flyers to leave in the pub.

Also went to Pro-Fitness, where I tasted a shake (quite yummy), and bought a box of them (ProMs berries and cream – even drinkable with water!), and got advice on fat burners and such – finally decided on MRM, as I got a full month, and it is about £10 than Hydroxycut or Lean System 7. Feel bad about the imminent eating of bacon now, but optimistic. The fatburner works mainly by raising the metabolism and suppressing the appetite slightly, so hopefully a month will give me time to see if it works. (I said that last month)

And I even got a day pass to the local bodybuilding gym – hurrah! I probably won’t leave the gym I’m at, because it has classes, pool and sauna, and it’s nearer to home, but it will be nice to throw the iron around a bit without being stared at!


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