Posted: June 2, 2005 in Uncategorized

I’ve just done the HPI psychosometric test for work, to see what sort of person I am.

I can quite happily conclude I am almost certainly in the wrong job, let alone department. Never mind, the Civil Service embraces Diversity, so I’m told…..

Choice words and phrases include;

You can feel very deeply about people and events and have a tendency to react passionately. Only 1 in 20 describes themself as this extreme…..

Introspective….self critical…..you may have a tendency to suspect others motives…

You are unlikely to identify with the assertiveness and drive reqauired for many management and sales roles…

You may be quite an independent person; not someone who needs to be liked by everybody.

Elements which suggest you are a very unconventional and colourful person who may be viewed by others as unsystematic and perhaps disorganised…

You don’t appear to be particularly concerned to avoid trouble and others are likely to perceive you as a non-conformist…

Bright, insightful and imaginative….enquiring and adventurous….talent for seeing ‘the big picture’…

Extremely alert and well informed…enjoy reading for pleasure….comfortable with numbers and calculations…..perceived by others as clever….


Bear in mind I work for the government – I hardly think I’m a model employee!



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