Oh dear. The beast is unleased.

Posted: June 10, 2005 in Uncategorized

I don’t often get really, really worked up about something, but someone on a forum asked for opinions on the Smothernment plans to charge for every mile driven.

Here’s mine:


No, really. THis has angered me so fucking much.

I work for the Crown, on behalf of the government. If they hadn’t had some shitty money saving ‘attack the civil servants’ stupid scheme, I would be able to walk to work, instead of driving 20 miles every day! Like I WANT to sit in traffic for 3 hours a day? Like I have a CHOICE? What do they expect us to do? Find a job nearer home? I did – they moved it. FFS.

I also drive a lot for work. I use my own car, pay for my own Business User clause, and claim mileage. Can really see the government wanting to refund the 10000+ miles a year I do for their benefit, in MY car, on MY tax, MY insurance etc (yes, I know the mileage is supposed to go towards it but it doesn’t touch the surface)

What about foreign drivers, do they have to pay it too?

And businesses. Haulage Companies. We already have a Lorry User Charge – imagine how much the price of goods will go up if this happens.

It’s not like we drive in heavy traffic because we want to, is it? I’m lucky that I can go to work at 7am and leave at 3pm to avoid traffic. Shopworkers, or anyone with fixed hours can’t do that.

Public transport where I live is appalling, at best. And you have to pay double to travel before 9.30am. The places I have to go to are inaccessible by public transport. I once did the trip from Hemel Hempstead to Luton by train. Took me 3 hours – takes 45 mins in a car.

It is obscene. There is no duty on aviation fuel, and it’s cheap flights that are really adding to pollution.

These charges do not discriminate between gas guzzlers and economical cars, so the ‘green’ tag is just bullshit.

We have a perfectly good system in place now. Your tax disc proves the car is MOT’d and insured (at the time), and the more you drive, and the thirstier your car, the more petrol you buy and the more tax you pay. Simple.

And who honestly thinks the money raised will go towards something worthwhile?

And how can they tell who’s in the car? Why should I get charged if Criz borrows it (as he has just now) to visit a mate?

Don’t the government think they should set up a cheap, efficient, safe, clean and reliable public transport network before they run us off the roads?


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