Snivelling girlie

Posted: June 18, 2005 in Uncategorized

Oh yes I am. After watching Dr Who, which was great and dark and ver very sad. The new Doc doesn’t quite have the manic grin.

Has anyone worked out what happens next? I always thought the Doctor only had ten regenerations.

Meanwhile, Reasons Hot Weather is Bad

1. I can’t eat properly, and have eaten nothing but fruit and ice cream today. I have, for once got two litres of water in though.

2. Having chubby legs is not funny. They chafe. I am sore and grumpy.

3. Even the comfy wonderful shoes I wear every day have given me blisters due to excessive foot sweatiness. I now have shredded feet because it hurt less to walk home barefoot.

4. My water bill will be extortionate as I feel the need to shower at least twice a day.

5. If I go out in the sun, I will most likely tan. Not nicely, and brownly, but orangely, like the stuff that comes out of a bottle. Joy. Even the factor 30 just slows it down. I go from yellow, to orange to Tango. Nice.

6. I don’t really have any summer clothes. Goth is not a good look for the summer.


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