Posted: June 20, 2005 in Uncategorized

Well, what a busy weekend that was!

Crue on Friday, faffing onSaturday (didn’t go to the party, due to feeling so crap), and Crue again last night.

Well, what can I say about the gig? The show was fantastic. I was a bit worried it would be too sleazy, given their reputation for having pole dancers and strippers on stage, but it was actually quite tasteful. Only slight disappointment was Mr Lee getting the arse when a girl refused to get her baps out for Titty Cam. Personally, I reckon the bloke next to her just wanted a look. Twat. I’d have mooned him, personally!

But it was all done very tastefully, and the acrobat girls on chains and hoops have inspired me (again) to go to the gym and do those pullups!

I was sad and middle aged and took a packed lunch, which we were all glad of on the way home because we were starving! Odd to see Lee and Dave there, as well as Steve. Missed Tom and Graham though, sadly. Lee had missed his last train, so five of us were squished into a tiny Nova for the 60 mile drive hime. Not that I cared – I was driving, so guaranteed much space.

So now I am home, actually, I’m at work, and STARVING! Nasty hot weather drains my appetite. I managed fruit and cheese for breakfast (the fridge is my best friend), but now I’m actually hungry which means leaving Sauna Office for Hot Town Centre to buy food. M&S seems favourite – they have great air con.

Speaking of shopping, Tesco. Why? I had to go yesterday, for provisions for the gig, and cat food. I went for Tesco because it’s cheap. and I’m poor. I got there 20 minutes after opening, and I had to queue for a parking space. WTF?
Got in there, it was rammed. It seemed that a Sunday shopping trip to Tesco is a family event. Almost everyone in there had 2 or 3 whiny screaming kids. WHY? Why do this? There were queues 10 full trollies deep at EVERY till, and it was just shite. I hate Tesco, and I hate supermarket shopping. I particularly hate being walked into by small children with sticky ice cream hands, then being glared at by parent as if it’s my fault for being there.

And these people don’t do anything with a sense of purpose. People were bimbling along, weaving all over the aisles, or stopping to chat, in everyone’s way. Bear in mind, a large proportion of shoppers yesterday were pensioners or people with very young children, i.e. people that are not likely to be working during the week. SO WHY SHOP ON A SUNDAY? YOU HAVE ALL WEEK! Every day of the week, that store is open 24 hours (which is why you’ll normally find me there at 10pm) Argh.


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