Busy busy

Posted: June 26, 2005 in Uncategorized

Went to Nottingham yesterday, with Susie. Went to see the lovely who also accompanied our indecisive selves around Notts.
Went to Void, yet again found bugger all to fit. It’s depressing when
the XL is too tight and makes you look pregnant. Got a lovely goody
bag, a free Tisty Tosty and a couple of samples from Lush though.
Maxine was as lovely as ever. I need a job! Come on MK and Cambridge –
you know it makes sense!
Bought a couple of metres of pinstripe fabric from a stall in Vic
Market – he had EVERYTHING! I really did like the turquoise and the
purple Chinese brocade – mmmm!
And got a fab new foundation from BeneFit – nice and pale and makes my
skin look nice. I think I finally found the right colour! It’s only
taken 18 years!
Don’t want to get excited in case it’s my imagination, but I seem to
have lost another half inch or so from my hips. And I was just about to
see the doctor about it too….

Just about to have a go with the sewing machine now. It had a hissy fit
at me the other day, and the bottom thread was looping and pretty much
ruined the seam. Will practice on crap fabric, but I have no idea how
to fix it.


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