Posted: June 28, 2005 in Uncategorized

Made up the skirt the other night. Still have hems to do, and the zip is dire beyond belief, but it’s mine andI made it.

Took hair out last night – what a nightmare! Took nearly 3 hours, but it’s out now.

Sent yet another job application off to Lush today. This one’s for Northampton. No idea when it opens, but I can hope….

Speaking of which, I got my discons yesterday, and yet again I am having ‘And I only ordered one – WHY?’ trauma over Monets Garden. Bah. Am loving the Lemony Flutter, and extremely happy that the Lemslip came in an airtight container, because my old one is a bit knackered (what’s left of it).

Seem to be getting back into the Lush thing. For a few months there, I was getting apathetic about the pace of new products coming out, forum fighting, and pretty much everything. Surprising how much difference a pot of lavender and ground almonds makes. After buying a fresh pot of AOBS, I feel all motivated to look after my skin properly again.

Hopefully I will feel all motivated to go to the gym tonight, too!


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