More rantage (and a bit not)

Posted: June 29, 2005 in Uncategorized

Rantage #1

The Smothernment. MPs have voted to go ahead with ID cards. Trouble is, no-one knows what they are for anymore. First of all, it was to stop terrorism. Funny that, I thought thos 9/11 terrorists all had IDs, work permits and the like. Now they’re saying it’s to stop foreigners claiming benefits and getting medical treatment. FFS. Welcome to fucking America. It may as well be. He’ll be outlawing abortion next. I want to leave. I hate this – it’s getting more and more 1984 every day, with every stupid new initiative this government brings out.
I’m not actually opposed to ID cards in principle, after all most countries have them, but in most of the EU, a driving licence also works as ID and passport within the EU. Making another card with bio data for stupid amounts of money, then having to PAY if you’re rude enough to move house/get married/divorced etc is taking the piss.

Rantage #2

Mr Criz works with the laziest fuckwad known to man. He takes 2 hour lunch breaks, to drive his (ex) girlfriend to her mums, and he takes at least one day a week off to look after one of his kids. The same kids who live with his ex, who doesn’t work. Hmmm. One rule for one…..
And when he is there, he sits on his arse all day doing fuck all.

Rantage #3

One of the cats has yakked spectacularly in the kitchen. Just been eating my dinner, when the other retched up bile in front of me. Bleurgh.

Not rantage.

I sent my CV and a letter off to Lush yesterday. Here’s hoping, third store lucky.

Not rantage either.

I went to the gym last night and had a great leg workout. I did big weights and now feel suitably sore. Hurrah.

Definitely not rantage.

Got a phone call from Brenda yesterday. She now lives in Melbourne, but we’re too poor to visit. Was nice to hear from her again after 2 years, and she’ll be ringing back tonight for a proper chat. Hurrah again!


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