Having an utterly shit day

Posted: July 4, 2005 in Uncategorized

And it’s only just begun….

I have zero cash. Actually, I have minus cash. As mentioned earlier, due to all money coming out of banks at the same time, I have none. I took my last £20 out so I could buy petrol to get to work, and cat food.

Yet another bill has gone out today, taking me over my limit. That’s a £15 charge then. Because I have a total of £740 in limbo between various banks, I can’t do a damn thing before it all clears. In 2-3 days time. So I get a £5 excess for each day I’m over-overdrawn. FFS. Fuming doesn’t even cover it.

Can anyone suggest any free things to do, at least for this month?

Dressmaking is out, because it involves buying zips and stuff.

Reading is also out, because I can’t afford any books (and I’m banned from the library!)

Looks like more gym and TV watching then…..

Two things did make me smile though…..

The local corner shop has a massive display of ‘Lech’ beer. It’s definitely the nasty meths-heavy stuff for alkies at 50p a can, but the name just made me smirk.

Toffee Crisps no longer have hydrogenated vegetable oil in them. I was happy enough when McVities stopped putting it in their biscuits, but now I’m ecstatic – I haven’t eaten a Toffee Crisp for years!

Not healthy, eh, but worth it! Maybe soon, Fruitella will be back on the menu…..


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