Moany moan, bitch and complain

Posted: July 5, 2005 in Uncategorized

Being yet more overdrawn. The good side is that today, I am working at home, and watching very bad daytime TV, with a laptop on my knees, writing up reports.


Because I don’t have enough petrol to get to work.

So, those of you who think civil servants are well paid – you are wrong. Particularly as it’s the 5th July, and I have my money spent for the next 3 months

I have to pay for;

Dental check up and filling (probably root canal, by this point) – £150 – 400 (if it is a root canal)

Car tax in August – £65

Whitby cottage and tickets £140 (though I get the cottage money back at Whitby, that’s not till October

How will I pay for this? Fuck knows. The CCCS have everything from me except food and petrol money. At least I am saving money by working at home – a whole £4 a day

Apart from the fruit, veg and meat (which is prepaid, or bought locally), I see my shopping trolley will mostly be full of ‘economy’ food this month. Good job I like baked beans.

Must stop grumbling. Except….

Saw jobs in the paper on Friday – one was an evening job at Royal Mail, another was looking for staff at a new IKEA that’s opening in MK. Both ads said to apply via the website. Neither website has the jobs listed. Arse. OK, so with the Royal Mail job, I would have NO time during the week, even for the gym (argh!), but it would have been an extra £500 a month after tax. Would have helped…..


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