Posted: July 7, 2005 in Uncategorized

Some of you may find these offensive, but I won’t hide away from it, even if I’m not overly proud of some of them myself.

So, London is the victim of a terror attack. It’s nothing new, the IRA have been bombing us for years. The only let up we had was when the US (people and/or government) stopped funding them. Would have looked pretty hypocritical though, if they had.

Can’t say it was unexpected. Sad, tragic, all that, but not a surprise.

Now the initial horror has worn off, I’m angry.

So, Mr Bush, your little ‘War on Terror’ *obviously* worked. Admittedly my first thoughts were ‘get the bastards who did this’, but chences are, the bastards who did this are already in Europe/US, NOT Iraq. Well done Bush, have a fucking gold star. I knew the minute we went to war, we were no longer ‘safe’ Maybe were weren’t anyway, but the war did not help.

Apparently Blair was upset, when he made his speech. And angry. Chilling, one person put it. I sincerely hope so. This will make or break his career. If he messes this up, he wil be in deep shit. Now is the time, Mr Blair to show you do have some spine and put an end to it without more reactionary shit, bloodshed, and without curtailing our civil liberties even more.

Do I believe this?

Hell, no.

ID cards will be fast tracked, we will probably have draconian and scary laws similar to those the US Patriot Act has spawned, we will not be a free country any longer.

It sucks.

On top of this, I live in a very multicultural area – plenty of muslims. I work in Luton which has even more. THere will be more hate crimes, all muslims will be looked upon with suspicion, it will be truly unbearable.

Oh joy.


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