An experiment

Posted: July 12, 2005 in Uncategorized

Starting next month, because I have no more money this month, so that’s cheating.

I will NOT use any large supermarket for food or toiletries. I am as yet undecided about petrol, as the all night garage is still attached to a (titchy) Morrisons, and it is ridiculously expensive, compared to Sainsburys.

So, from next month, I will have to find other, local suppliers for my food. Veg, milk and eggs are all sorted. I can get meat from the farmers market if I sort my days out properly.. Failing that, there is a butcher at the end of the road, and a good one in town. There is a cheese shop on the other side of town, and the market for extra veg.

Wonder how well it will work out? After reading ‘Not On The Label’ the first time, I was horrified, and started going to farmers markets, and signed up for the veg box, but I’ve just read it again, and I’m disguted. I will read ‘Shopped’ too, and be even more disgusted.

Makes me feel a hypocrite for wanting a job there. Maybe I would be better employed picking veg on a farm.

This should be fun. I have to go near the cheese shop later. Who’s betting it’s closed down?


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