A really whiny post. Look away now.

Posted: July 14, 2005 in Uncategorized

Well and truly stuffed. I have no money. Nothing. It is the 14th, I get
paid on the last day of the month. We probably have enough food to last
us (beans are a wonderful thing, and I can make that pound of stewing
beef last us 3 meals at least), but this is fucking stupid. I ranted
the other day about stupid bank delays which made me go overdrawn. So
the count this month, due to factors completely beyond my control
is;Bank charges (for going overdrawn, refused DDs etc) – £83The gym
fucking up and overcharging me an extra month – £41That’s £124 of my
money gone into a pit for this month. OK, I will get £41 credit next
month for the gym membership, but still.So, I have a grand total of £20
to last me two weeks. That has to get me to work (£4 a day), plus a
couple of visits further afield (which I can claim back later). I see
myself doing these two visits and working from the local office because
I have no choice. How fucking sad is that? It also needs to pay for
‘stuff’ – washing powder, cat food, the odd ice cream, you know, life.I
am so pissed off. CCCS were supposed to help me, but this month has
been a total nightmare. If things don’t improve next month, I’m going
to have to ring them up and tell them I can’t live on this. I have to
buy car tax next month. If I get those charges again, I haven’t a hope
in hell. Oh, and I owe Keyf £75. I suspect he will be getting a
post-dated cheque.

Jobs. I need a second job. Why can’t I find one? The supermarkets have
sweet FA, and I don’t have enough petrol to drive to
Amazon/ASDA/Argos/Woolies to get a form. Applied for a job at Stevenage
sorting office. It’s nightmare hours – I will be working 14 hours a
day, but it’s an extra £600 a month after tax and I need it. Absolutely
no chance of overtime in my current job. All I want, is a nice shelf
stacking job for 4 hours in the evening, or a whole day at the
weekends, anything really. Put in another application for Lush,
hopefully I might get somewhere this time. It’s the only public facing
job I think I’d be any good at. I am so shit.

I am bloody hot, sweaty and crabby. Have forsaken the gym tonight, as
their air con really doesn’t work, and the thought of doing cardio in
this heat is, well, unthinkable. I only did weights yesterday, but I
had real difficulties. I was pouring with sweat and had trouble with
grip even with gloves on. I downed 2 litres of water, and their ‘cold’
water is really room temperature. Rubbish. Running on a treadmill is
likely to give me heatstroke, so I’ll avoid it for tonight, thanks.

I have a glut of carrots. Carrot cake was suggested, but I’m missing a
few ingredients. What else can I do with 2lbs carrots, bearing in mind
I get a load more tomorrow? Soup is not an option, it makes me hot and
sweaty and a bit queasy (like I don’t have enough of that at the moment)

There must be good things……

The cats are barely giving us any grief because they are so hot, all
they can do is flop on the lino floor and play with the ice cubes I put
in their water bowl.

There are lots more dead beetles. Good.

My veg box comes tomorrow. This is good because I have run out of fruit (just ate the last pear)

I still have a box of Fab lollies in the freezer.

The sun has about set, so it won’t get any hotter.

The corner shop is doing big bottles of Irn Bru for 99p (except he’s closed now – bugger!)


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