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Posted: July 16, 2005 in Uncategorized

According to the BBC, I am 29.9. Which may be better than being 31.5, who knows. I was thinner and healthier at 29.9 but never mind.

Appear to have sold lots of Lush, so I can either afford the pot of Gorgeous I really really need, or just to live on till the end of the month. Hurrah!

I am reading my myriad of nutrition books, and have decided that I can juice the glut of carrots, along with some celery and apple, and that will clear me out nicely, and hopefully get rid of the bloaty stomach I have from drinking Irn Bru* (oops)

* For American readers, Irn Bru is the Scottish version of Coke, in that it’s fizzy, sugary and has absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever. It is, however, a partucularly alarming shade of orange, and tastes infinitely superior.

I will probably be shitting for England after that.

The roast pork was yummy, and there’s enough left for a stir fry tomorrow. I even got a bit of crackling!

Reading Gillian McKeith (freaky scrawny ill looking ‘nutritionist’), apparently, if your digestive system is working efficiently, you should not be able to see undigested food in your poo. Except sweetcorn. Sweetcorn is apparently acceptable, because the husk is indigestible. Well, Ms McKeith, I have NEVER seen any sweetcorn in my poo, and I eat pounds of the stuff, so I either have an excellent digestive system, or a huge blockage. Actually I don’t look at my poo, generally, but that’s not the point…..

Joy. Just heard many mugs rattling, to find Spike eating a very large moth. Cue a large pile of cat sick somewhere in my vicinity in the next hour or so. Better not be the fucking bed this time….

Tomorrow is Sunday. We were going to go for a nice walk around Marston Vale, with bottles of water, fruit, and enough cash for an ice cream. But now Mr Criz will be playing cars all day, and I will spring clean the bathroom. It does need it, mind.

I think I’ve drunk too much Bru – I’ve gone all wibbly and lost completely the plot of what I was typing about.


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