Comedy Job Hunting

Posted: July 17, 2005 in Uncategorized

Found a couple of jobs in the local paper today.

One is working Saturday mornings as a receptionist on A&E. I think not. People bleeding all over me I can cope with, but vomity people and kids with a cold I can’t. But at least it’s not Saturday night kicking-out time, which would be grim.

The other is working evenings (a few hours between 4 and 10pm), cleaning surgical instruments, or bits of bodies from bone saws and scalpels. Not sure if they would want me in theatre at the time. Sounds a bit icky, but the biggest bonus is that I live 500 yards from the hospital in question. Tempted to apply.

Also an amusing article about visas for Bangladeshi workers. Apparently local restaurants are allowed to employ Bangladeshis on 1 year visas because they cannot get employees locally. Apparently Indian teenagers are not interested, because they don’t want to work in a restaurant, they want to own one, or stay in education. English people won’t work there because they won’t do weekends because they want to go clubbing, and the recent influx of Eastern Europeans are ‘rubbish’ because they have no knowledge of how to mix spices, and can’t speak the language. Actually, neither can I, but it’s another job option, waitressing at the local Indian restaurant…

There is an extremely irritating child singing LALALALALALALALALALA very tunelessely outside. Oh no, there are two. BE QUIET!

I AM going to clean that bathroom, then have a nice bath.


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